Pedagogy is the collection of techniques used to teach a given subject.

I would argue that is is a fine art.

Pedagogy of foreign languages, for example, has evolved over generations and varies greatly from language to language and classroom to classroom.

I find it of utmost importance to get to know my students at the beginning of each semester so I am able to adjust my pedagogical approach to their learning styles.

The first thing we need to establish is our goals. The syllabus determines the parameters of our study but knowing where we want to be when our time together ends is extremely valuable and keeps us motivated throughout the semester.

Seeing that there is a fruitful future of cultural exchanges within our grasp makes the tedium of verb memorization worthwhile.

My job is to use the pedagogical techniques I have learned, first as a graduate student then from experience, and pair it with feedback from my students to make the material accessible and fun.

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