The Contribution of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages play a key role in education.

While some might see their foreign language class as a requirement to get out of the way so they can focus on their major course of study, this requirement, like all requirements, has been designed with purpose.

Required classes equip students to better excel in their chosen field.

So why are foreign languages a required part of the curriculum?

  1. Research has confirmed that studying the humanities fosters critical thinking skills that are useful in all disciplines.
  2. Studying a foreign language improves the student’s knowledge and usage of his or her mother tongue.
  3. Students gain cultural competence which is necessary as they prepare to join the workforce in a globalized world.

For students who become as enthralled with language as I am, they have the option of continuing on to advanced reading and writing courses as well as literature courses, where they have the opportunity to experience language in its most artistic and meaningful form.

In my experience studying foreign languages is like eating potato chips: you can’t have just one.

No matter how deeply students take their study of Spanish, I encourage them to always remember to have good grammatical form and to read and write for fun.

And of course they will enjoy making new friends in celebration of the new cultures they encounter.

4 thoughts on “The Contribution of Foreign Languages

  1. Learning foreign languages helps one understand that particular words and phrases have multiple meanings in other languages that they do not have in one’s own, and vice versa. It helps one to become more broadminded and creative.


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