How We Mark Our Endings

We mark our endings, in our stories and our lives, within our beginnings. Literature in all languages is often classified and studied by famous opening lines. But what about life?

Are we bound by our first impressions?

Do the days that roll by between birth and death prevent or enhance the outcomes of our efforts and decisions?

And, most importantly, are we born only to struggle and die in that deeply existential or even nihilistic sense?

A Danish proverb recently came to my attention: “Af god begyndelse haabes en god endelse.”

Fortunately I thought to ask for the translation as I do not speak Danish: “A good beginning makes a good ending.”

My joy in collecting proverbs and sayings began a long time ago, and I love to add to my collections from languages I do not speak. Doing so reminds me of the infinitude of Borges’ library.

I particularly like this one because it provides a professional and personal secret.

If you plan a project, an essay, or book with intention, you will be able to see it through.

If you greet new people in your life with an open heart and mind with an eye to sharing what each offers, you will found lasting relationships.

Any proverbs or sayings you would like to share?

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