Baltimore Book Fair

I have just come from the Baltimore Book Fair, which is being held today, September 24th in the Inner Harbor.

I heard Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author of the National Bestseller, Americanah, describe writing fiction as a “discovery.”

She emphasized the importance of examining the political and social aspects of life because they “affect who we love.”

I read Americanah a little over a year ago as part of a book circle at The Johns Hopkins Club.

Being a derivative citizen who immigrated at the age of four, the story of a grown immigrant woman interested me greatly.

Also of interest were the novel’s insights into Nigerian culture and the surprise romantic reconciliation at the end.

The other highlight of the book fair for me was finding out that Towson University, where I taught for a semester and have participated in conferences, has a free publication literary and arts magazine called Grub Street.

My copy awaits, along with a cup of coffee.

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