“Art is the most intense form of individualism that the world has known.”

– Oscar Wilde

The above line appeared in 1891 in The Soul of Man Under Socialism.

In my ongoing journey through literature, I have always considered Wilde to be an “old friend.”

That is how I wistfully refer to authors we only meet in the art they have left behind.

His powers of wit and observation move his readers to laughter, tears and bouts of anger, often all at once.

Today’s quote certainly does not disappoint:

It lifts up the artist in his individual and thereby unique abilities for self-expression.

It sets up the reader for the explanation that follows utilizing a sharp outlay of the societal issue at hand. (A typical Wilde tactic.)

And, it reminds us that there is an artist in each individual.

(Oscar Wilde’s much celebrated The Importance of Being Earnest was performed at Baltimore’s Everyman Theater December 4th through December 30th of last year.)

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