Loyola University MD

This past week marked the start of classes at Loyola University Maryland.

In the weeks leading up to the first day, I met my friendly and supportive colleagues, gotten acquainted with the new campus and started lesson planning.

I am teaching two classes of SN 103, or Intermedio I and we are off to a great start.

Having taught this course before is helpful, but as I mentioned in my post on “prep” work, working with new materials and students always affords the opportunity to learn new pedagogical techniques.

We have begun with two days of review of elements concepts. My students wowed me with their ability to reproduce the techniques I illustrated on a given topic and then apply them and explain the next topic to me. This is a cross between a lecture and flipping the classroom.

I am looking forward to the fourteen weeks ahead as we delve our way through new material, working toward our goals of increased fluency and cultural appreciation.

And of course, there is a bit more “prep” for me to do on this drizzly Sunday afternoon.

If you have taught or are teaching any subject at any level, please leave your thoughts on the start of the school year in the comments or drop me a line on the Contact page.


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