Laughter and Wonder

My weekend was so filled with fun I didn’t have a moment to capture it all in writing until now. So my feature article and reflection have been combined below.

On Saturday night I saw John Cleese at the Lyric in Baltimore. Monty Python was screened and then Cleese was interviewed by his daughter.

I would have preferred a screening of Fawlty Towers but the evening was quite amusing regardless.

Earlier that day I had visited the Maryland Science Museum in the Inner Harbor.

My three favorite displays were about the Chesapeake Bay (specifically blue shell crabs), the dinosaurs, and the history of philosophical wonder about life beyond planet earth.

As early as 306 BCE Greek philosopher Epicurus reasoned that infinite universe should have infinite worlds.

Human wonder about the possibility of life beyond us continues.

The latest example in the display is H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds.

The humanities mark both intricate literary questions such as humor as well as broader ones concerning the philosophers that wonder about space.

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