Today I had the pleasure of visiting with some of my neighbors.

We were discussing The Cathedral of the Incarnation where I am a member and how different religions often come to resonate with different people by emphasizing varying aspects of the same message.

The Cathedral of the Incarnation is an Episcopal church. I was especially drawn to their strong sense of all-inclusive community.

While all churches follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Episcopalians offer a unique, modern approach to worship that blends together tradition, reason and scripture. The Episcopal church appeals to any number of people based on any or all of these reasons.

Other denominations and religions offer similar communities.

My neighbor pointed out that people choose their communities much in the same way they choose their professions.

Any number of influential factors can sway an individual’s taste from one subject to the next:

A favorite teacher that showed dedication, sensitivity and passion. These traits are contagious.

A subject that seemed ominous to the point of impossibility and was then mastered through diligence and hard work becomes a favorite, cherished for a lifetime.

An introductory volume received as a gift can spark a child’s curiosity for life.

As I reflect on our discussion of the resounding echoes that draw us into our chosen communities and professional lives, I wonder about the resounding echoes that we find in other people.

What draws us to our friends and mates?

Do we love in finding an echo of ourselves in the other, akin to finding ourselves in the pages of a book?

Perhaps the looming question is: will we ever be able to articulate what resonates with us before we rationalize it?