Confused Globalization

Yesterday a strange thing happened to me and as promised on Facebook I am making that event my first personal reflection of the year.

After visiting the Baltimore Museum of Art with a friend we decided to stop for dinner.

I ordered beef shawerma with babagnouge and a side salad.

My friend ordered a lamb burger with the same sides.

Our orders arrived promptly a few minutes later.

Everything looked delicious. I sampled the classic Middle Eastern dip that was a staple in my diet growing up and was very impressed. The salad was crisp and perfectly dressed in olive oil and lemon juice.

I picked up the sandwich and found it wrapped in a flour tortilla instead of pita bread.

I was momentarily confused then burst out laughing. So did my friend.

We spent the rest of dinner musing about how the Mediterranean section must have been talking to the Hispanic section of the multicultural restaurant we were frequenting.

Our after-dinner espresso and latte arrived as expected.

The sandwich still tasted wonderful but it needs a new name that reflects its new identity.

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