Thank you for your readership this past year. 2017 has been the launch year of my website and I greatly appreciate your time, interest, and feedback.

For my last post of the year I would like to return to the central concept on my About page: the concept of stories.

Coming from a literary specialization, I offer a reflection on what stories mean to us as readers and as individuals living life.

Call me biased, but literature is the cross-roads of the liberal arts because literary critics employ one or more techniques that become entry points into a given text. The humanities and social sciences come to the surface of literature in their own artistic form as reflected in the text.

I say reflected because starting in the sixteenth century, literature began to mirror life. The stories, or snippets of stories that we find in novels, short stories, and poetry in the modern era are reflections of human existence.

Thus, we look for ourselves in the characters we read about. I posit that a successful reading comes from finding an aspect of ourselves embedded in the story before us.

In a very tangible sense, our lives are stories; manifested on the written page as autobiography or biography.

An interview is a poem of someone’s life in the sense that it is brief and focused.

Mary McCarthy, the American author and critic said, “We all live in suspense from day to day; in other words, you are the hero of your own story.”

As Christmas approaches in a few days, I wish you a story that reflects your own and a modern antiheroe that makes you smile in self-recognition.

See you in 2018.