The Path to Forgiveness and Freedom by Davon Rice

Davon Rice has been my Intermediate Spanish student for two semesters, first in Spanish 203 and then in Spanish 204. He is a graduating senior and an English major. He plans to become an English teacher.

He has written this enlightening book about living to our full potential. The key, according to Davon, is forgiveness.

A few weeks ago Davon presented me with a signed copy of his book. I was so happy for him. At his young age he had already become a published author, something that I aspire to become.

In The Path to Forgiveness and Freedom Davon shares his heartwarming personal story of triumph and guides his reader through an exploration of his or her own story using reflections on scripture and and thoughtful review questions. Davon has left space for the reader to record his reactions.

The book closes with a Three Week Prayer Challenge.

My favorite of Davon’s prayers is “A Prayer for Self-Love,” which is found on page 49.

I learned a great deal from reading Davon’s book. It is written with an exceedingly high level of maturity and sensitivity.

As a reader, I thank Davon for The Path to Forgiveness and Freedom and I eagerly await his next book.

As his professor, I wish him and all my students the best of luck after graduation. And, as always, I thank them for another fantastic semester at Morgan.



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