I am in Toronto for the weekend visiting family and friends. My cousin’s wedding is later today.

This year is Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Canada and the United States share the longest undefended border in the world which speaks volumes about their relationship.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada.

It is a big foodie city. I will be having timbits at Tim Horton’s tomorrow. Timbits are donut holes that started in Canada. Tim Horton was an NHL hockey player. 

Before heading to Tim Horton’s I will be going to Our Lady of Sorrows for Easter mass.

On the literary front I would like to point out two Canadian authors. The first is famed Margaret Atwood. The second is Michael Ondaatje, who wrote The English Patient which was made into a very successful film years ago and In the Skin of a Lion, which is about early settlers in Toronto.

I look forward to adding both these authors to my reading list.