I recently completed an eight week online course called Start Writing Fiction with the FutureLearn program which is run by the Open University in England and Wales. They offer individual courses and degrees on a variety of subjects.

The course was free.

It started with the basics of mixing fact and fiction and moved through building plot through character development. By the end of the course I had prepared a short story that was reviewed by one of my peers. 

I was very excited to learn that he felt I had the basis of a novel and I intend to develop the piece further. 

Feedback was provided throughout the course and greatly aided the learning process. Techniques for building characters and using the all-important “writer’s notebook” made the creative process far less daunting. 

The next course I will be taking with FutureLearn is called Introduction to Screenwriting. It starts on May 8th.

I will keep you posted on my progress as a creative writer.