The Writer’s Group

Today marked the first meeting of my writing group, Pen to Paper, in the new year.

I came to learn about this group through my coursework and retreats with the Johns Hopkins Odyssey Program.

Why do writers, normally a solitary bunch, have groups?


Because writing is a solitary activity we can easily lose motivation and interest in our projects, so we come together periodically for:

For moral support,


A sense of community,

And of course to share in that all important good cup of coffee as we work.

Lasting friendships have emerged from these types of meetings, not unlike the intellectual salons or tertulias I had blogged about some time ago.

Even though our writing projects are as unique as we are and often span genres, we find ourselves connecting to each other professionally as well as personally.

The international organization, Shut Up & Write is offering a January Writers Club, so I have been receiving daily inspirations and challenges since the start of 2019. They have chapters worldwide, including Baltimore.

Find out more and join at:

If you’re ready to think about publishing, check out The Author’s Guild or The Alliance of Independent Authors, as per your approach to publishing.

It’s good to know we’re not alone in our 2019 writing journey.

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