To begin anew…

In The Book of Awakening, Mark Nepo encourages his readers to “use the old to build the new.”

And so “A Reader’s Story” continues, with daily quotes and “mini critical responses” instead of daily words. My love of the humanities as well as my experimental, creative side will continue to appear weekly.

Please peruse the website for updated photos of el Caesarino (the coolest cat in Charm City) and the iconic Harbor, specifically Fells Point.

I will continue teaching, writing and translating as my professional occupations in 2019, but all three will now take place out of the academic setting. A salute and heartfelt thanks goes out to the amazing professors, students and colleagues I met along the way. Please keep in touch!

I have started a manuscript about how solid study skills prepare us not only for academic success, but for life beyond the classroom. A memoir written in “flash fiction” (prose-poetry) remain a possibility, as does a story or two…

I have also started a Baltimore Literature and Writing MeetUp so if you are in the area, please check us out!

Sign up for email updates, they are in the works!

See you tomorrow for brunch and our first quote of 2019!

Blessings to all as well begin anew…

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