1. A society in which corporations have much economic and political power.
  2. A corporate bureaucracy.

Some on the left side of the political spectrum argue that the United States is in danger of becoming a corpocracy as a result of crony capitalism.

Those leaning toward the right maintain that the United States is founded on a free market economic model and that there is no danger of corporations over-influencing the structure of society.

One thought on “Corpocracy

  1. What kind of model is it that does not take into account what half the population is doing half the time? The Feminine, the caretaking, nurturing part of life; lowest on the pay scale, given very little value in the society at large. The model is that human nature is primarily competitive and greedy and that the market controls these tendencies. Wouldn’t it have done so by now?
    Women are ever more a part of the workplace (doing what?) and the ones who make decent money still have to pay crummy wages to some other woman to care for their children and home.
    Corpocracy. Democracy lost out to it over 100 years ago.


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