The Need for Vacation

On the train ride home from NYC, I was reflecting on my trip and realized that in order to avoid fatigue and boredom and ultimately save the quality of our work, it is necessary to save some time for ourselves.

We take mini-vacations during the day for refills on coffee and at the end of the day to curl up with a book that carries us away from the daily grind. I personally pull out the knitting needles and yarn.

Time away gives us time to refresh our minds and emotions before we recommit to our homes, schedules and callings.

So we shouldn’t hesitate to set up the away email for a bit.


I shot up to New York City for three days this past week. My great aunt picked me up at Penn Station in Manhattan and got me to Brooklyn, where she and some life-long friends live.

Brooklyn has a special charm all its own. It seems to move at a slightly slower pace than Manhattan while still conserving all the diversity and selection that is the NYC trademark.


In past visits to New York City I have found the city overwhelming but that was really not the case this time.

Ultimately, it was a quick summer getaway, multiple emotional reunions and a touristic visit all in one.