Artscape 2018

Sorry for the late post, but I have just returned from my second visit to Artscape.

Artscape is the arts festival the city of Baltimore hosts every summer. It is the largest free arts festival in the United States.

The festival is organized by vendors: food and crafts. I didn’t buy any souvenirs this year but the memory of savory crepes, soft ice cream, halal lamb over rice and, of course, lemonade means I still thoroughly enjoyed the festival.

Friday after work I exited the train station and headed to the festival, which had just been set up.

I wanted a closer look so I went back today, before everything was packed up.

In addition to vendors, there were several live performances along the way.

The Johns Hopkins University North Stage marked one end of the festival right alongside the new Parkway Theater.

Artscape continued despite the drizzly weather; the festival continues rain or shine.

Plan for next year!:


4 thoughts on “Artscape 2018

  1. I’ve always called the festival Eatscape… as the food is always better than the art this year I did find some wonderful new artists… I hope they will return next year when the weather will likely return to “ nornal” … it was nice to have a break from the heatscape feature if the event. I did get one great video of granddaughter Nezzie dancing her ballet in the rain just outside the Myerhoff Hall… maybe someday I’ll see her dance inside that beautiful hall? See you there next year!


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