World Cup Final

It’s hard to believe the World Cup Final has arrived already.

I am watching France lead against Croatia, once again the presence of family and food.

The mood is tense, just as in years past.

At the start of the World Cup I blogged about soccer as a globalizing force and made some suggestions for further reading.

As the tournament comes to a close, have you given consideration to this idea or had a chance to pursue my suggested reading list?

One thought on “World Cup Final

  1. Just finished Barbara Ehrenreich’s Dancing in the Streets. It is about the history of repression of people coming together in carnivals, festivals, dancing, singing, etc. Rock ‘n Roll ushered in the wide-spread overturning of straight-laced attitudes, to be followed by the ‘oneness’ of the fans in the sports arena. I do see what you mean for soccer to become a healthy globalizing force because of its popularity. I would say that perhaps it isn’t only the game itself but the chance to participate in a collective joy so sorely missing from our lives.


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