Personification, or the lending of human qualities to the non-human is a wonderful literary tool that lends itself to real life.

It allows us to embrace our animal friends, first of all.

Secondly, we often demonize and separate ourselves from enemies. Modern authors lend humanity to all characters as we should in confronting what is different from us.

Lastly, seeing what is human ultimately allows us to be more humane.

One thought on “Personification

  1. I’ve watched over the years scientists willing to blur the human/non-human line, or personify animals, especially when it comes to feeling. The Dark Ages of Animal Science.
    I recently cut a great horned owl down whose wing caught down from a dangling Comcast wire and took it to be rehabilitated. When it came back to be released, I was standing behind its box when the guy opened it. I started talking to it–did it remember me? etc. It turned its head around and looked right at me for at least a minute and might have longer if we hadn’t decided to tip the box. It owlified me.


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