Return To The Craft

After an unexpected, extremely long hiatus from writing today I reflect on the return to the ancient craft.

I find it is most like recapturing a musical rhythm.

Language is set in and creates patterns so it seems to be a valid comparison.

I refer to writing as a craft in honor of one of my favorite books, This Craft of Verse, by Jorge Luis Borges.

Writing is often referred to as an art also.

The unexpected hiatus has left me wondering about writing beyond the blog.

Any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Return To The Craft

  1. History, starting from 1800 and ending with the family history. Include the geopolitical influence in the Middle East region that shaped the immigration path.

    Include interviewes of family elderly and old old family pictures.

    This book to be used as a reference by both sides of your family.


  2. Now that you’re not on hiatus anymore, I remembered Eudora Welty wrote an excellent (readable and short) tract writing called “On Writing Well.”


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