Jacqueline Goldberg – XXII

The Venezuelan poet Jacqueline Goldberg was born on November 24, 1966.

XXII is a favorite poem of hers, followed by my translation.

Hay un tiempo

de esperas

y calles altas

Un hombre

Un ángel

Un sueño

que escribo

desde siempre

en la madera

del deseo

En los últimos rincones

de lo que


no puedo decir

I first discovered poem XXII in high school, when I was reading excerpts of Julio Ortega’s Antología de la poesía latinoamericana del siglo xxii: el turno y la transición (Anthology of modern poetry).

The following is my translation:

There is a time

of waiting

and high streets

A man

An angel

A dream

that I write

since forever

in the wood

of the last corners

of what


I cannot say

This poem has struck me for over twenty years because it articulates a certain paused sentiment we can all relate too; an extended moment of time that awaits realization.



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