“Retro” means backward, “spec” is related to vision and “tive” is a descriptive ending.

Therefore, retrospective can be broken down to mean “looking or facing backward; contemplative of the past.”

Many words can be broken down into Greek or Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes.


A ceremony marks a moment or a milestone.

Our habits are really rituals that create order in potential chaos. The evening repast becomes ceremonious when served with wine and dessert.

Ceremonies can be small or grand.

For instance, a wedding, a funeral, a graduation.

All are, in some way, simultaneously a ceremony and a rite of passage to the next stage of life.

Jazz as Expressive of Biography

Last weekend I heard the Todd Marcus Quintet at Second Presbyterian Church.

Marcus leads the quintet on the bass clarinet.

Marcus is a twenty year resident of Baltimore but two of the compositions were reflective of his Middle Eastern heritage.

“Adhan,” and “Journey to Shallal” depict the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and Marcus’ father’s travels between Egypt and Sudan.

The quintet will play again at Baltimore Center Stage on Saturday, June 16th at 8pm.

BMA Changes Collection

The Baltimore Museum of Art has made key changes in its collection according to NPR Radio.

An auction was held earlier this month that sold off works by Kerry James Marshall, Andy Warhol, and Franz Kline.

This process of reducing a museum’s collection is called “deaccession.”

Museum director Christopher Bedford said these sales were made with plans to acquire new, more diverse pieces.