Month: March 2018



Sitting in the airport I note background noise, the kind you let pass by without absorbing.



The best way to assure that students have grasped the material is to: Allow time for follow-up questions from the class. Pose concluding questions at the end of class. Make the previous day’s homework assignment the following day’s warm-up activity. […]



Study something you find truly captivating. Doing so is an investment that will pay back in the time spent cultivating a career. Even after graduation, return to the old books from time to time and remember what captivated you at […]

Culture and Cuisine


A great deal of tempting photographs accompanied my brother’s text messages about Nike and other players in Greek mythology. Grilled calamari, meat skewers, meat and cheese pies, and gyros. And a dessert that looked like one we have eaten all […]

The Goddess Nike


Greek mythology and the Bible make up a great deal of literary allusions or references. I learned about a new Greek goddess today, from my brother and his wife who are vacationing in Athens. Nike is the goddess of victory. […]



Wonder begins in curiosity and is expressed in questions. No one captures the spirit of wonder like children. To wonder about life’s big questions such as the human condition or the existence of God is to practice the humanities at […]



Resisting compromise can be a double edged sword. Refusing to give up any demands can lead to grave losses. Too much compromise can lead to the same result.