The opposite of viable is inaccessible or unattainable.

The humanities, especially when taught in the context of the liberal arts, make the world viable.

As a result of their interdisciplinary nature it is impossible to study one of the humanities without touching upon the others, literature being a classic example.

The humanities had a tremendous stronghold and immediate application in society just a century ago because of their assumed viability. The exponential increase in technology during this century has left many with the impression that the humanities no longer illuminate our vision of the world.

Nothing could be more wrong.

This year I am focusing attention on my work as a writer, editor and translator as I continue to teach. These services are needed, along with the practice of law and others. The humanities therefore continue to have practical application and serve our communities.

Not to mention that we access and appreciate the humanities every time we read and communicate, either in writing or by speaking in any language.

The humanities are viable in and of themselves and make our lives viable in turn.

4 thoughts on “Viable

    1. Thanks! I loved writing it! Viable is an interesting word. I had to look it up to make sure I could fully capture it’s essence in a meaningful way. I recommend Complete and thorough but to the point.


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