If you love animals you know that one of the best ways to bond with them is to feed them a few treats.

I grew up with fish and parakeets so my cat, Caesar, or as those of you on Facebook have come to know him, el Caesarino, is my first furry pet.

It is a completely different experience.

At Caesar’s first check up at the vet, I observed her “handing” him treats. I was still getting used to petting my new furry companion.

So for a few months I dumped the allotted ten treats on the kitchen floor and petted him while he gobbled them up.

It has been a little over two years since I adopted Caesar and I have long since realized that the only time he bites is in jest.

Treats are great for special days, rewards, or a little pick me up when the clouds are out.

I now place the treats, one at a time, in the palm of my hand and let him mindfully enjoy. He consumes each carefully and then circles around me, seeking out the container. He looks inside, sniffing eagerly.

I can’t resist giving him another treat.

(But now that he’s older we cap the serving at five.)

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