Month: January 2018



Someone or something that conveys, or carries an object or message. Conveyor belts. Moving vehicles. Pigeons. Encoded texts. Coins in a fountain. Goods, people, messages, secrets, wishes.



A cavity is a hole or unfilled space. The most common use of the word happens at the dreaded dentist’s office. Cavities are also found in walls or rotting trees.



A close synonym of to stifle is to suffocate. Stifling anything from a yawn to a rebellion indicates imposing a final silence as the offending disturbance is squelched.

Love in Friendship and Aristotle


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending my cousin’s wedding. In his homily, the deacon officiating the ceremony discussed how spouses are not only life partners but also each other’s best friends. I found this observation to be wonderfully meaningful […]

International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Today, in 1945, the Soviet Red Army liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. In 2005 the United Nations established today as a day to remember the victims of the Holocaust. The DRVH or Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the […]



For me the word “silhouette” conjures up artistic images. A photograph taken in perfect backlighting. The outline of a still-life captured in colored pencil. The shadow of a vase as the afternoon sun shines through it. In words, a silhouette […]



Trill is a tricky one. I am offering an abbreviated version of what I found at A repetitive succession of rapidly alternating sounds. (Phonetics): A trill can be executed while singing, talking or whistling. (Music): An alternation of two […]



Dominant genes express themselves over recessive genes. Most people are not ambidextrous. Most people have a dominant side. A dominant force can be a threat.



En retard or con retraso in French and Spanish gives way to “tardy” in English. I had a friend who always used to say “Better never than late.” Time slips away from us while we’re still processing its passing so […]



Candor implies a fresh yet inoffensive honesty. A candid conversation touches on sensitive topics with respect and space for the other’s feelings. A candid person is forthright.