Medicine and Literature

Once again, please excuse my absence, which has been far too lengthy this time. I have been recovering just in time for Advent.

Yesterday I met a Johns Hopkins specialist who had heard about my degree in Spanish Literature from my regular physician.

I nodded.

“So Jorge Luis Borges wrote in Spanish?,” he asked excitedly.

I beamed.

“Yes!,” I exclaimed. “He was from Argentina!’

“Oh,” he replied, “I know a lot about medicine but little about literature. You have read a lot.”

I beamed even more brightly and felt no shyness in asking him questions about his field.

Our conversation was the perfect example of the arts and sciences working together instead of in competition.

I am delighted.

As I am delighted to tell you aa bit more about one of my favorite authors, Jorge Luis Borges.

Borges was born in 1899 in Buenos Aires and died in 1986 in Geneva.

As a key figure in modern and postmodern Spanish Literature, he wrote short stories, essays, and poetry. He was also a translator.

He was know his pithy wit and keen observations.

My favorite book of his is Ficciones (Fictions).

As a translator, I smile at reading his famous quote, “The original is unfaithful to the translation.” Just one of many famous quips by Borges.

(He reminds a bit of our old friend Oscar, don’t you think?.)

If you belong to the sciences and have an interest in the humanities, please let me know by responding to this post.



2 thoughts on “Medicine and Literature

  1. That does sound like Oscar Wilde! Thank you for posting this, and I look forward to learning from you more about Borges.


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