The word “story” comes from the Latin “storia,” the same root for the word “history.”

So every “story” we read is part of the greater whole. Here is part of mine; I look forward to your feedback.

I started this website at the start of 2017 with a weekly posting on a given topic within the humanities.

I am writing this blog for anyone who has loved history, philosophy, and literature. My personal journey through the humanities came with a twist of social science.

This year I will continue to post daily, as my journey continues.

During the week my readers will find a daily quote collected from a variety of resources and a mini “response paper.”

Saturdays will continue as usual with the humanities feature.

On Sundays I will offer a more personal reflection on the week’s events, sometimes focusing more on the creative aspects of the writing process.

A good book and a cuppa – little slice of heaven… Join me as the blog grows, one post at a time.